While the United States does not have mutual recognition agreements with every country or economy in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), APEC’s Architect Project helps facilitate the mobility of architects throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

APEC Architect Register

If you are interested in practicing architecture in the Asia-Pacific Region, consider joining the APEC Architect Register. The register is a list of architects who meet the established requirements for the practice of architecture, common across all participating APEC economies.

Note: Becoming an APEC architect may help facilitate your licensure in an APEC economy, but does not automatically grant you the privilege to practice. You must complete the licensure process in the individual APEC economy.

To be eligible to join the register, you must:

  • Be licensed in U.S. jurisdiction.
  • Hold an active NCARB Certificate.
  • Have a minimum of seven years of post-licensure experience in a U.S. jurisdiction.

To apply to be an APEC architect, contact our customer service team.

See the full list of U.S. APEC architects.