2013 Survey of Registered Architects: A Closer Look

This infographic takes a closer look at some of the numbers from the 2013 Survey of Registered Architects. Each year, NCARB requests the number of registered architects and reciprocal registrations from each of its jurisdictions. The information is then compiled and released as the Survey of Registered Architects. You can learn more about the 2013 data here


About the Author

I grew up with New York City as my backyard. By the time I finished high school, I had developed an appetite for design, along with an unrelenting fear of pigeons. My interest in graphic design blossomed during my undergraduate years at Philadelphia University’s School of Design and Media. I’ve spent time honing my creative skills in various fields including women’s health marketing, small business development, and at nonprofit organizations. Today, I call the Washington, DC, area home, happily developing infographics and other visually engaging materials for NCARB. When I’m not design problem solving, I can be found developing my video production and baking skills.