ARE 4.0 Retires June 30, 2018! 

Have you been working to complete the ARE in ways that advance your goals? Here are five key steps to finish the ARE. 


Commit to finishing in ARE 4.0 or finishing your strategic testing divisions. In either case, with less than 12 months to take ARE 4.0, you need to increase your ability to pass any remaining 4.0 divisions.

Maximize Your Opportunity

Create a plan that allows you to maximize your retest opportunities. Remember, if you do not pass a division, you’ll have to wait at least 60 days before you can retest. Also, you can only attempt any one division three times within a 12-month period. Since you only have 12 months of testing left until June 30, 2018, you only have three remaining attempts at any ARE 4.0 division before it retires. Schedule tests early enough to allow for retests if you need them.

Plan To Finish Your 4.0 Divisions Early

June 2018 is likely going to be hectic—don’t wait until the last possible moment to take your remaining ARE 4.0 division(s). History tells us June is a high-volume testing month across many professions. This means test center space may be hard to come by during opportune times. Avoid the added stress of squeezing in a late exam appointment by planning to finish your 4.0 divisions early.

Stick To It

Even the best plan may experience a challenge along the way. When challenges arise that may impact your ability to stay on track—keep moving forward. With the hard June 30, 2018, deadline for ARE 4.0 retirement, staying on track is more of a priority than ever.

Stay Connected

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