How Continuing Education Can Help You Finish IDP

As you power through the Intern Development Program (IDP)—soon to be renamed the Architectural Experience Program (AXP)—you may want to take advantage of NCARB’s continuing education (CE) courses.

Aspiring architects with an active NCARB Record get free access to NCARB’s Continuum Education Program. Since you can complete them at your own pace, these online courses are a convenient and flexible way to satisfy IDP hours.

Earn 16 Hours in Business Operations

Not sure where to start? The Professional Conduct course, which was recently updated, is worth 16 hours toward Business Operations in Practice Management. Both the current IDP and upcoming launch of AXP require 160 hours in Practice Management, so taking this course could help you finish sooner.

Planning for the AXP

When AXP launches on June 29, you can earn up to 20 hours in each experience area by completing CE opportunities in Health, Safety, and Welfare (HWS). If you’re working toward licensure in a jurisdiction that requires additional hours, monographs can be used to fulfill additional jurisdictional requirements.

With so much to think about during your internship, we hope the Continuum Education Program can help lighten the load and accelerate your path to becoming licensed.