Sneak Peek: 2014 NCARB by the Numbers

This year’s NCARB by the Numbers reveals some interesting—and surprising—trends. We’re sharing a few of the findings before the report’s official release date so you can get a jump on some of the trends we’re seeing in the field.

Ms. Boss?

The percentage of women applying for an NCARB Record has held around 40 percent since 2011. And the gender parity is about the same for actively testing Record holders and active interns. Yet the disparity is significant among current supervisors, with women accounting for less than 15 percent in this category. This data, however, is limited to supervisors who have active NCARB Records.


The average intern works for slightly less than three firms while completing the IDP. This employment can include internships during school and over summer breaks.

Plus, the number of firms that an intern jumps among depends on where the person lives. For example, interns in California and North Dakota are less likely to change firms compared to the average intern. On the flip side, interns from Nevada, Indiana, and Ohio are more likely to move around. But everyone settles down eventually, and interns are less likely to change firms as time passes. This data, it should be noted, is limited to the information that interns submit to the IDP. 

We’ll have much more to discuss when we release the 2014 edition of NCARB by the Numbers in July. Stay tuned for some fascinating findings that reflect where our profession is headed.