Spring Cleaning Your NCARB Record

Many of our services for licensure candidates and architects rely on having accurate and up-to-date information in your NCARB Record. Confirming your contact, employment, education, and registration information will help us serve you faster and more reliably. If you haven’t lately, take the time to review the information in your NCARB Record and ensure it’s current.

Update Your Contact Info
Navigate to the “Profile” section of your NCARB Record to update your mailing address, email address, and phone number. This will help ensure any important information regarding your account reaches you in a timely manner! If you’ve earned any credentials since you last updated your account, you can also add those here.

Check Your Password Security
While you’re updating your contact info, consider the security of your My NCARB password. If you’re using a password that you frequently use on other sites, you may want to change it to something more secure.

Update Your Education Information
Did you graduate this May? Navigate to the “Education” section of your NCARB Record to add a college degree or high school graduation information to your account. Once you do, NCARB can verify your education so we’re ready to transmit your Record when you apply for a license. 

Check Email Preferences
By navigating to the “Profile” tab and choosing “Subscriptions,” you can identify which program update emails you’d like to receive from NCARB. If you’re preparing to test or taking the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), be sure to select “ARE Updates” on the list—we frequently provide important exam information in regular newsletters to candidates.

Update License/Registration Information
Did you recently get licensed? Navigate to the “Registrations” tab and select “Add Registration.” Providing this information helps us track trends in architectural licensure, and helps streamline your renewal process.

Update Employer Information
If you’ve recently changed positions, you can navigate to the “Experience” tab and select “Professional History” to add a new job to your Record.

Need help updating your Record? Contact us.