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Illustration of a green arrow on a blue background with text that reads "Your Guide to Online Proctoring and ARE 5.0."

Your Guide to Online Proctoring and ARE 5.0

Learn more about online proctoring and the related changes being made to the ARE.

NCARB Live: ARE Testing Strategies

Watch as NCARB’s Assistant Vice President of Examination Michelle Cohn, AIA, NCARB, and Manager of Examination Nick Respect, AIA, NCARB, answer candidate questions about the new ARE 5.0 demo exam and online proctoring.

Image of ARE logo with text reading "ARE 5.0 Demo Exam."

ARE 5.0 Demo Exam

The ARE 5.0 demo exam is a full-length practice test, featuring 75 items, a three-hour testing duration, and all the updated navigation features and tools you’ll see when testing from December 14, 2020, onward—including the new digital whiteboard.

ARE Update: Explore the Updated Demo Exam and Digital Whiteboard—Available Now

Online proctoring and the related exam changes launch on December 14. Experience the new format and practice using the digital whiteboard through the updated demo exam, now available in My NCARB! Released November 12, 2020.

AXP Update: Make the Most of Your Check-ins With Our New Licensure Progress Worksheet

Use our free resources—including our new Licensure Progress Worksheet—to collaborate with your supervisor, create a plan, and finish the AXP. Released November 10, 2020.