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Seismic Mitigation

Seismic Mitigation Part II: Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings and Sites (2021 Update)

In part two of this series, you'll explore seismic vulnerability in a range of common building types and the underlying causes of their failures in the event of an earthquake through case examples.

Seismic Mitigation

Seismic Mitigation Part I: Earthquakes and Their Effects (2021 Update)

In this revamped course, you’ll learn about seismic mitigation, including an overview of earthquakes and their effects through extensive illustrations and examples.

Supervisor Update: New Supervisor CE Course Now Available!

Learn more about our new supervisor course, available through NCARB's Continuum Education Program, plus details on how to properly set up a qualified test space at your office for candidates to test remotely.

Planning for Sustainable Development Part II: Case Studies

Explore though examples and case studies to learn how different sustainable development programs and strategies have been implemented in projects, plus the rationale and effectiveness behind them.

AXP Supervisor Training

Learn about the science related to professional training, how to give useful feedback, how to utilize the AXP to provide structured experience, and considerations of unconscious biases which may affect licensure candidates in their professional development.