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AXP Portfolio Supervisor Training

Learn more about an AXP Portfolio supervisor’s role and the obligations in the licensure process for candidates.

Planning for Sustainable Development Part I

Learn about the principles and concepts of sustainable development, including an overview of respected programs, initiatives, and resources to guide current projects.

Historic Preservation Part III: How to Plan, Design, & Construct the Preservation Project

Explore how to develop and plan the design and preservation approach and process for historic buildings.

Historic Preservation Part II: What Is Historic?

Learn how to determine what makes a building or site historic, how to evaluate historic and existing buildings, how to evaluate their conditions, and how to develop their design and preservation approaches and processes.

Living, Regenerative, and Adaptive Design Strategies: Image of tall building with added greenery.

Living, Regenerative, and Adaptive Building Design Strategies

Learn about the concepts and principles of living, regenerative, and adaptive design, as well as strategies to consider incorporating while working on a project.