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Application for registration as an APEC architect.

Application for Registration as an APEC Architect

Use this form to apply for inclusion in the roster of APEC architects in the United States.

FY20 Annual Report.

FY20 NCARB Annual Report

Throughout FY20, NCARB focused on serving the needs of our members and customers, evaluating our programs and services, and preparing for the future.

National Architect: Learn How to Successfully Mentor Candidates Remotely (Oct 2020)

An architect shares tips for guiding licensure candidates remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

National Architect: Majority of People Support Professional Licensure (Oct-Nov 2019)

Voters revealed that licensure standards for architects are an important factor in protecting the public health, safety, and welfare.

blue background white text reads "2019 Annual Report"

FY19 NCARB Annual Report

Together with our members and volunteers, NCARB spent FY19 commemorating our history and positioning NCARB for the future.