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Designing to Model Nature: Applying the Concepts of Biomimicry

Learn about the concepts and principles of biomimicry needed to solve design problems—such as sustainability issues—plus inspiration from nature used to solve challenges over time and its influence in today's design processes.

NCARB Live: Get Ready for Online Proctoring

Watch as our exam experts provide a final overview of ARE 5.0 changes, tools, and key takeaways ahead of December 14 launch.

NCARB president's medal in black box

NCARB President’s Medal for Distinguished Service

The President’s Medals for Distinguished Service recognizes individuals who have dedicated a large part of their careers, energy, and wisdom to benefit the work of NCARB, the public, and the profession.

Destination Architect: NCARB and NOMA Explore How Race Age and Gender Impact the AXP (Mar 2021)

Read about NCARB and NOMA's Baseline on Belonging experience report, how to support black voices in architecture, the latest ARE-related updates, plus more.

Seismic Mitigation Part VI: Managing Design and Construction, and Design Resources (2021 Update)

In part six of this series, you'll examine the role of design management in seismic performance—particularly, the use of construction observation and performance-based design.