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Seismic Mitigation Part V: Improving on Existing Construction & Mitigation of Seismic Forces (2021 Update)

In part five of this series, you'll examine factors that must be considered when retrofitting existing buildings, plus review seismic design strategies for mitigating earthquake forces on building structures.

ARE Update: 2020 Pass Rates & Updated Guidelines

Minor updates to the ARE 5.0 Guidelines, progress with addressing tech issues, and 2020 exam pass rates. Sent March 8, 2021.

Seismic Mitigation Part IV: Design for Better Seismic Response (2021 Update)

In part four of this series, you'll explore how architects can design for better seismic mitigation through a series of building case examples.

Seismic Mitigation Part III

Seismic Mitigation Part III: Design for Better Seismic Response (2021 Update)

In part three of this series, you'll learn how architects can use the analysis and documentation of the effects of seismic movements to design for better seismic response.

National Architect: NCARB & NOMA Explore How Race, Age, and Gender Impact the AXP (Feb-Mar 2020)

Read NCARB and NOMA's first report of the Baseline on Belonging study, which explores how factors such as race, age, and firm size impact candidates completing the AXP.