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Can I take the ARE while completing the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®)?

Of the 55 jurisdictions, 50 licensing boards allow candidates to take the ARE while completing their experience—this is known as early eligibility. Find out if your board allows early eligibility through our licensing requirements tool.

Can I still view the resources for a case study after taking a break?

As long as you have at least one case study item remaining that is unseen before a break, you will still be able to access all the resources for that case study upon returning from your break.

Can I review, challenge, or verify my exam results?

If you would like to review a failed exam, contact your board of architecture immediately. The process and fees involved will vary based on your board. Please note: Some boards do not allow reviews. If this is the case, you will not be able to review your failed division. To learn more, download the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

Can I reschedule an in-person exam appointment to be taken via online proctoring?

Yes! Candidates can reschedule an exam from an in-person to an online proctored delivery, and vice-versa, by selecting "Reschedule" under the division details in My NCARB. Learn more

Can I reschedule an exam appointment?

You can reschedule an existing appointment up to four business days in advance by 12 p.m. EST, although a  rescheduling fee may apply. Please note: Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days.

Can I edit an experience report that's already been approved?

If you need to make an edit to an experience report that's already been approved by your supervisor, please contact us for assistance. NCARB can revert the report to "draft" state, which will enable you to make edits. 

Can I earn experience while working abroad?

You can earn experience abroad—as long as you’re working for an organization engaged in the practice of architecture and under the direct supervision of an architect. The experience must meet the AXP’s rules and employment requirement, and limits on the number of hours you can earn may apply depending on your supervisor’s license.

Can I approve my own experience reports?

No. There is no experience setting or opportunity where you can approve your own experience reports. Your reports must always be reviewed by a supervisor or mentor who meets the requirements outlined in the AXP Guidelines.

Can I apply for certification through the foreign architect path if the country where I am credentialed does not have a regulatory body?

To be eligible for certification through the foreign architect path, you must be credentialed in a foreign country that has a system in place for disciplinary action. If this does not exist, you are not eligible for this path. You may still, however, apply for initial registration as a foreign-educated licensure candidate. Learn more about applying for licensure with a foreign education.

Can I answer case study items first when testing?

Yes, you can navigate to any item at any time using the exam summary screen. This allows you to answer case study items first, without viewing any additional items.