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Can I earn experience while working abroad?

You can earn experience abroad—as long as you’re working for an organization engaged in the practice of architecture and under the direct supervision of an architect. Plus, the experience must meet the AXP’s rules and employment requirements. If your AXP supervisor only has a foreign license to practice architecture, you will have limits to the maximum amount of experience you can report working abroad.

Can I apply for certification through the foreign architect path if the country where I am credentialed does not have a regulatory body?

To be eligible for certification through the foreign architect path, you must be credentialed in a foreign country that has a system in place for disciplinary action. If this does not exist, you are not eligible for this path. You may still, however, apply for initial registration as a foreign-educated licensure candidate. Learn more about applying for licensure with a foreign education.

Can I answer case study items first when testing?

Yes, you can navigate to any item at any time using the exam summary screen. This allows you to answer case study items first, without viewing any additional items.

As a foreign architect, how do I know if I need an EESA evaluation?

If you meet the requirements for the  foreign architect path to certification,  you will not need an Education Evaluation Service for Architects (EESA) evaluation. If you do not meet these requirements, you may be able to follow the steps for  foreign-educated applicants instead.

As a foreign architect applying through the foreign architect path to NCARB certification, does the AXP reporting requirement apply to me?

No. Registered certification applicants, foreign or domestic, are not limited by the reporting requirement. You may submit any previous experience pre- or post-licensure for fulfillment of AXP.  Learn more about the foreign architect path to certification.

Will I lose hours if my supervisor takes a long time to review reports?

You will not lose hours for delays in processing caused by your supervisor or if they return a report for edits.

Why should I participate in an IPAL program?

IPAL-accepted programs provide the opportunity to earn your license in less time by incorporating experience and examination into your education.

Who develops NCARB’s programs?

NCARB works with hundreds of volunteer architects to develop and administer our programs.

Where can I find detailed information about completing the AXP?

The  AXP Guidelines  is essential reading for licensure candidates and their supervisors. The document includes steps to completing the program, reporting procedures, experience requirements, and more.

What is NCARB by the Numbers?

NCARB by the Numbers  offers an inside look at the data behind the architecture profession—including the timeline to licensure, demographics of architects and licensure candidates, and more.