All of your AXP® experience must be logged and approved by your AXP supervisor through your NCARB Record. There are two methods of documenting your experience: the hourly reporting method and the AXP Portfolio.

Hourly Reporting

Most licensure candidates will complete the AXP by reporting a minimum of 3,740 required hours across six experience areas. Once you start gaining experience, you can report your hours through your NCARB Record or by using the free My AXP app—available for Apple and Android devices. Learn how to report your hours.

To earn full credit for your experience, you’ll need to submit your experience within the time limit established by the reporting requirement.

Note: Jurisdictions set their experience requirement. It is important to always report any experience that qualifies for AXP until you are licensed to support your ability to meet all jurisdictions experience.

AXP Portfolio

If you are a design professional with experience in architecture that is older than five years, you may be able to use your past work to complete the AXP by submitting an online portfolio.  Note: if you are able to complete AXP through the Hourly Reporting method, you must do so.   If not, this option may be available to you if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Through this option, you will demonstrate your ability to perform all 96 tasks identified in the AXP by uploading exhibits—documents, PDFs, images, or other files—of work for approval by your supervisor.