If you currently hold a license to practice architecture in a country outside of the United States, NCARB offers several options for earning a U.S. license:

Mutual Recognition
If you are a citizen of Australia, Canada, Mexico, or New Zealand, you may be able to pursue architectural licensure in the United States through the appropriate mutual recognition arrangement.

Note: Not all U.S. jurisdictions accept mutual recognition arrangements.

Foreign Architect Path to Certification
Foreign architects can pursue an NCARB Certificate by completing NCARB’s experience and examination requirements.

The Certificate does not establish your ability to practice architecture in the United States. However, most jurisdictions accept the NCARB Certificate as a means of meeting the requirements for reciprocal licensure. Once you are certified, you can use the credential to earn a license in an individual jurisdiction.

Learn more about the foreign architect path to certification.

Standard Path
If you do not qualify for either of the above choices, you may apply for a license by meeting the education, experience, and examination requirements of a specific U.S. jurisdiction. You will need to follow the same steps as foreign-educated applicants.

Please note: Licensure requirements vary by jurisdiction. Use our licensing requirements tool to review the specific requirements for the jurisdiction where you would like to earn a license.