ARE Update: New Candidate Agreement

Learn more about the new ARE Candidate Agreement

As a candidate with eligibilities to take the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), you need to be aware of some recent policy changes and a new candidate agreement. These changes were made to better define your responsibility as a candidate and to outline how NCARB will handle situations where a candidate may violate exam security or act in an unprofessional way at the testing center. The updates include:

The new policies are now in place and candidates will start to see the new ARE Candidate Agreement in test centers beginning in July. These changes will in no way impact the delivery of the ARE or change the testing procedure at the test center.

ARE candidates have continued to be professional and respect the security and confidentiality of the ARE with very few security issues having to be addressed in the past few years. As NCARB continues to maintain high security standards to protect the integrity and validity of the ARE, the low number of ARE security issues is a reflection of the high quality of candidates for the ARE.

Be sure to stay connected with NCARB as we continue to provide updated information around ARE 4.0 and the future ARE 5.0 examination. Watch for an update to the ARE Guidelines coming out this July.

Updates and Reminders:

Reminder: You can test in ARE 4.0 until June 2018
As you continue to make progress toward completing the ARE, remember that ARE 4.0 will be available until June 30, 2018. ARE 5.0 launches in 2016, at which point you’ll be able to continue testing in ARE 4.0 or self transition to ARE 5.0. You can learn more about ARE 5.0 on our website and blog.

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