NCARB to Lower and Simplify Fees for Three Key Programs

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) will reduce and simplify fees for three of its core programs.

NCARB Certificate

Effective: June 29, 2016
Application fee: $1,100
Annual renewal fee: $225
Transmittal fee: $400

The revised application fee (previously $1,500) will apply to new Certificate applications—a $400 saving. The annual renewal fee ($225) and transmittal fee ($400) will remain the same.

Architectural Experience Program (AXP)

Effective: June 29, 2016
Record application fee: $100 initial year
Annual renewal fee: $85

The new fees (previously $350 for the first three years and $75 annual renewal) coincide with the upcoming launch of the Architectural Experience Program (AXP). Based on the average time it takes to complete the AXP, NCARB anticipates the updated fee structure will start to save new customers around $60.

Did you already pay the full $350 application fee for three years of service? NCARB will honor the current payment plan, and you will not be charged the new renewal fee ($85) until your three-year plan is up.

If only the first $100 installment was paid (an option available for students and recent graduates), the remaining $250 balance will be waived and the new $85 renewal fee will be applied on a yearly basis.

Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

Effective: Late 2016 to June 30, 2018
Cost of ARE 5.0 (six divisions): $1,260
Individual divisions: $210

When ARE 5.0 launches in late 2016, the six-division exam will cost $1,260, payable as-you-go at $210 per division. ARE 4.0 will continue to cost $1,470 at $210 per division.

International Delivery

Effective: Late 2016
Cost of the ARE 4.0 (seven divisions): $1,470
Individual divisions: $210

Exam candidates can take the ARE at Prometric test centers in London, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong. Beginning late 2016, ARE 4.0 will cost $1,470, payable as-you-go at $210 per division (previously $310).

Editor's note: This page was updated on May 16, 2016.