Overhauled IDP Goes Into Effect June 2016

On June 29, 2016, the Intern Development Program (IDP) will be updated to reflect six broad areas of architectural practice. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming changes.

What’s Happening?

Next summer, the IDP’s current 17 experience areas will be realigned into six broad practice-based areas. The six new experience areas include:

  • Practice Management
  • Project Management
  • Programming & Analysis
  • Project Planning & Design
  • Project Development & Documentation
  • Construction & Evaluation

The IDP map shows how the current experience areas will merge into the six new areas. Any hours that fall outside of the six new areas can be used to fulfill additional jurisdictional requirements.

Download the IDP Overhaul Map

How Will the Overhauled IDP Impact You?

The IDP will continue to require 3,740 total hours, and you won’t lose any of the hours you’ve already reported. Another new feature is that the overhauled IDP will have two experience settings—Setting A: Practice of Architecture and Setting O: Other Experiences. A number of existing supplemental experience opportunities—including site visits, design competitions, and the Professional Conduct Monograph—will be incorporated into Setting O. Learn more about the new experience settings.

Important: A handful of jurisdictions require 5,600+ hours and/or have a minimum employment duration requirement. It’s a good idea to check with NCARB or your jurisdiction for the latest rules and regulations.

What’s Next?

We will continue to share updates with you over the next few months. And you can always contact us.

Editor's Note: NCARB's Monograph Series was renamed the Continuum Education Program in early 2020.